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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.: What subject/topic, VKVSir likes most?
Ans.: He likes to experiment with new topics and fields especially technical stuff. He likes to work on innovations, new ideas and develop new products and solutions. His delevered major courses on Automobile, Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, Robotics, Renewable Energy Sources, Solar Energy, App development, IoT, Machine Learning, AI & AR, etc.

Ques.: Do VKVSir takes expert lectures and talks?
Ans.: Yes, but through proper channel. Drop an email with all details.

Ques.: Do VKVSir take Interns & Project association from other Institutes or industries?
Ans.: Yes, but through proper channel.

Ques.: Do VKVSir take subject Tuitions?
Ans.: NO

Ques.: Do VKVSir take career counseling? If yes what are the charges?
Ans.: Yes, and its free of cost. It is subjected to the availability of his time & domain.

Ques.: How to contact or follow VKVSir?
Ans.: You can visit the contact page of the website or message through this website chat option.

Ques.: How to get membership & access to premium content on this site?
Ans.: Premium content like ppt/pdf, objective & subjective questions, etc. are absolutely FREE for all. To avail, the site membership, just like, share & comment on at least 5 videos from the Youtube Channel and then apply to become a member on site. Review & approval for the membership may take some time, so have patience. More video likes, comments & shares can decrease the time to get the membership faster.

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